A Hidden Gem – Dandeli (Karnataka)

Dandeli is a beautiful idyllic town in Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka. Dandeli is 145 kms from Goa Airport (Dabolim) which is the nearest airport to the town. This place is close to Karwar and Hubli districts of Karnataka. The place is a paradise for nature lovers, wild life enthusiasts and bird watchers.

The two and a half hour journey from Goa to Dandeli is very interesting as the highway passes through villages of Goa and Karnataka giving you a kelidoscope of life in the costal areas. The highway passes through swaying palms, paddy fields, jungles, Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park on the border of both the states and most amazing drive through the Western Ghats. The breathtaking view of the Western Ghats is the highlight of this drive. The travellers have to take National Highway-4A (Panjim to Belgaum) and after reaching Karnataka border the State Highway 28.

While visiting to Goa, keep 2 days to visit this hidden gem….. otherwise you have missed something wothwhile…….

Western Ghats

Dandeli is a famous destination amongst the locals of Goa, Karwar and Hubli apart from other cities in Karnataka. This is a hidden gem and a must visit for the nature lovers as this will take you in to a tranquil world close to nature. The place won’t disappoint you it’s a must visit. Apart from the scenic beauty, one can enjoy the local cuisine which has a distinct Coastal Karnataka flavour.

Places of Interest:

  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wild Life Sanctuary

  • Kavala Caves
  • Syntheri Rock

Syntheri Rock Dandeli

  • Ulavi Channa Basaveshwar Temple


Tourism A Big Opportunity For Indian Economy!

India is a blessed land of geographical as well as cultural diversity with desert, mountains, beaches, wild life sanctuaries and places for spiritual enlightenment, all in our wonderful country. With as many as 30 World Heritage Sites and 30 more which may be awarded the status of World Heritage Sites, we have an immense opportunity to convert our country in to a Global Tourism Hub. A systematic approach in terms of infrastructural development in the concerned areas, road, air and railway connectivity from major cities would boost the local economy of these places, create job opportunities for millions of people and will bring in foreign currency in abundance. Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Tourism Related Industries have a bright future in the coming years. We must explore and expand beyond selective cities, monuments to develop new destinations and promote our heritage to make us a preferred destination for the Global Traveller.

Lord Kailasha Temple Ellora